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Regional Training on "Localization of Mobile Platform" in conjunction with

Conference on "Policy and Sustainability of Local Language Computing in Developing Asia"

January 29- February 04, 2012, Lahore, Pakistan

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ITU 2010 repot presents that the number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide is expected to reach 5 billion in 2010. Mobile device penetration in developing countries of Asia is also increasing at a rapid pace. While current and past usage of mobile devices has mostly been for voice, there is a significant increase in text and other data services using smart-phones. However, most of the mobile devices that are currently in use only support Latin script. There is limited or no support available for many other language scripts, specifically those of developing Asia. Thus to access and use textual services in the mobile phones, their interfaces and applications must be localized. “Regional Training on Localization of Mobile” is therefore being arranged to build capacity for research in this area. Through this training the participants will be provided a step by step approach for localizing mobile phones in order to facilitate access and retrieval of information in the native languages.




Primary objectives of the training are to:

  • Introduce trainees with the fundamentals of software development for mobile devices
  • Introduce trainees with the localization support on existing mobile platforms and techniques to improve localization capabilities
  • Provide hands on training on using Pango to enable localization on Symbian platform covering the following:

    • Keyboard configurations and font loading

    • SMS application development, and

    • Pango porting on Symbian platform

During the course of the training, trainees will be given necessary background knowledge and hands on exercises so that they acquire essential skills required to develop localized applications on mobile platforms in general, and Symbian platform in particular.



Training Achievements


After attending this training, trainees were able to develop SMS application in their own languages. The screenshot of applications in each language are shown below:





Center for Language Engineering
Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science
University of Engineering and Technology
Lahore, Pakistan


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