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The National Information Communication Development Authority, Cambodia


This National Information Communication Development Authority (NiDA) is both a regulator and a promoter. This is not a contradictory role; but rather an integrated approach to ensure that the regulatory role is aligned with the development objectives. NiDA is tasked to:

  • Formulate IT promotion and development policy for the short, medium and long term.

  • In charge of IT policy implementation to ensure maximum economic growth.

  • Monitor and audit all IT related projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Project Team


Project Leader: Mr. Chea Sok Huor

He has a BS in Applied Science and Technology (BSAST) (specialization in Aviation) from Thomas A. Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey, USA. He is a member of the Cambodian National Committee for Standardization Khmer Script in Computers (NCSKSC) since it was established in March 09, 2000. He represents the NCSKSC in


 research, development and documentation. He also liaises in these matters internationally on behalf of Government of Cambodia, specifically, communicates with Unicode Consortium, Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) in Japan and with Microsoft in development and implementation Khmer Script in MS Windows XP and MS Office XP. Earlier, Mr. Huor also worked for Cambodia National Election Committee (NEC) as Director of the Computer Center and a Deputy Director of Operations. He was responsible for almost 400 staff who undertook the preparation of an entire computer based electoral register for the 1998 Cambodian National Assembly Election and the 2002 Commune Council Election.


Development team:


Rithy Top, Lead Developer.

Pich Hemy Ros, Developer.

Tola Chhoeun, Developer.

Chanthirith Chin, Developer.

Navy Vann, Developer.







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