OCR Training

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Image Technology Laboratory of National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) collaborated with PAN Localization project in organizing two months long training on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system development.

The training was divided into two halves. During first half, two trainers were invited from Cambodia and Laos for the whole month of June and experts from the Image lab of NECTEC worked with the trainees in this period.


The second half of the training took place in the month of July.  Two more trainees were invited from Pakistan and Bhutan for the same training activity. The training content was the same but dealt with two new languages. All the trainers dedicated their full time in the activity, and made sure that the whole process of OCR development was fully understood by the new trainees.



The objective of this activity was to show the process of OCR development to the trainees. The training schedule was packed in one month for these two collaborating countries of PAN Localization project. There were discussion sessions, thorough problem solving meetings and development phase in this training using tool developed by NECTEC under GNU GPL license. After the first half of the training both trainees fully understood the process of OCR development and identified the problems in computerizing their own language.


Overall, it was a very helpful training for PAN Localization partner countries in developing their own OCR systems. The arrangements for training, including training infrastructure and accommodation for the trainees were supported by NECTEC. Three trainers were fully dedicated for the activity and their stepwise help was present all the time during the training period. In addition to NECTEC, PAN Localization project supported the travel and stay expenses of the trainees. 



  Name Country  
  Ahmed Muaz Pakistan  

Tenzin Dendup


Chittaphone Chansylilath


Chanthirith CHIN