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"Regional Conference on Localized ICT Development & Dissemination Across Asia"

January 11th - 16th, 2009 Vientiane, Laos

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PAN Localization project is basically a regional initiative for  developing local language computing capacity in Asia. It  primarily aims to develop a sustainable human resource  capacity in the Asian region for R&D in areas of local  language technology, content and training. It also intends  to raise current levels of technological support for Asian  languages and advance policy for local language content  creation and access across Asia for development. The  project is developing evaluation methodologies in order to  measure the effects of language computing. In the first phase of the project focus was on developing local language standards and technology across seven Asian countries. Phase II of PAN Localization project is focusing on digital literacy of end-users using the localized technology for communication and to produce local language content. The "Conference on Localized ICT Development and Dissemination across Asia" as its name implies was a major step towards further development and dissemination of localized ICT to end users.





The main objectives of the conference were:

  • To discuss the progress, status and challenges related to the project implementation.

  • To provide a forum for face to face meeting of the project teams with the Regional Research Coordinators on Technology, End-User training and Content to address their concerns to help meet the research objectives.

  • To strengthen the support network of country components of PAN Localization project and various researchers and experts related to ICT so that it could facilitate localization efforts in Asia.

  • To identify and discuss the issues in the areas of policy consideration and HR development from perspective of partner countries.

  • To have a fore sight of sustainability of work done under project and its future after project ends in 2010.



The training was organized through PAN Localization project with collaboration of the following organizations:

  • National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST), Laos

  • Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) , Pakistan

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