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This page presents resources of different local languages. Under the heading of each language, the related resources are sorted by: Fonts/ Keyboard Drivers/ Lexicons. There is no warranty for these resources. Also PAN Localization Project is not liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use these resources.                 



Unicode fonts for Windows computers (Arabic + many more)

Arabic font pack from Microsoft: arafonts.exe

Download a series of Arabic fonts including Al-Mujahed Al-Anbobi, Al-Mujahed Classic,


Al-Mujahed Free 2, Al-Mujahed Free, Al-Mujahed Gift 5, Al-Mujahed Untitled

Free download of a_nefel_font.exe, which will install the A_Nefel fonts

B Arabic Style (BArabics.ttf): Free download from Borna Rayaneh

The Arabic Font Library from Glyph Systems offers a wide range of Arabic fonts

Arabic Lexicon


Assamese (Bengali Script)


Download Assamese (Bengali Script) Fonts

A complete online help to download and Install Assamese Fonts

Ekushey Assamese (Bengali) Typing Utility for Microsoft Word




Join the Yahoo Group of Bengali Language

National Bengali Standard Keyboard Layout

Send Email in Bangla

Bengali Primer - Online lessons

A Comprehensive Bangla Dictionary

Ekushey Bengali Typing Support for Microsoft Word

Unicode fonts for Windows computers (Bangla + many more)

The First Free UNICODE Compliant Bangla Keyboard Interface for Windows

Download four Bangla fonts Akaash, Ani, Likhan and  Mukti

Download Keyboard mapping and font for typing Bangla

ISIS - Indian Script Input System  is a free and easy-to-use system for using Indian


scripts including Bangla

Hindi - Devanagari Keyboard mapping and font for typing Hindi and other languages


using Devanagari script

The Heidelberg Input Solution: Mnemonic keyboards for the input of Sanskrit, Pali,


and Hindi in Devanagari script or Latin transliteration

English – Bangla Dictionary



Burmese Keyboard Layout and Extended Character Set

Unicode fonts for Windows computers (Myanmar + many more)

English, Burmese Dictionary

Myanmar Keyboard Layout Analysis



Chinese Fonts

MDBG free online Chinese-English dictionary

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software for Chinese

Online Text to Speech Synthesizer for Chinese

Open Office for Chinese



Dzongkha Keyboard International Layout

Download Joyig, Tashi & Uchen: Three Dzongkha fonts for Office 2003

Download Dzongkha Keyboard Driver for Windows XP and Office 2003


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