InfoCon Co. Ltd, Mongolia

InfoCon Co. Ltd. is a professional and competitive consulting company, offering Information and Communication Technology services (ICT) to the organizations, companies and individuals. Its main activities are focused on providing professional consulting and technical services, carrying out research and training in the use of ICT, and organizing events and workshops.

The list of clients includes academic institutions, government and non-government organizations, banks, companies and entrepreneurs operating in various fields of industry, international organizations etc. The company has a strong technical expertise in computing and networking, extensive knowledge and data on ICT development in Mongolia and consultants with over 10 years of experience in business and information and communication technology.

Team’s Achievement

Localized Chat Client (Pidgin) , User Guide, License

Localized Seamonkey Web Browser and Email Client, License

CPI Team Members and their Designations

Batpurev Batchuluun, CEO, InfoCon Co. Ltd. Mongolia
, technical translator
, project assistant
, software developer
. technical translator
, junior translator
J. Batbayar
, junior software developer

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