PAN Localization Cambodia (PLC) of IDRC, Cambodia

PAN Localization Cambodia of IDRC is one of the components of the PAN Localization project which are funded by International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC) through its PAN Asia Network programs and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore, Pakistan. The project started in 2004 and completed its first phase in April 2007.

The project worked closely with the Committee for Standardization of Khmer Script in Computer (CSKSC) and the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC) to ensure an output which is as reliable as possible.

Team’s Achievement

Phase I

Khmer Spell Checker XP, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Spell Checker Vista, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Line Breaker, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Conversion, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Collation and Sorting, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Unicode Standardization, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Lexicon, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Khmer Word-Wrap Utility, Installation Guide , User GuideLicense

Khmer Sorting Utility, Installation Guide , User Guide , License

Phase II

Khmer Text to Speech System (Linux Windows), License

Khmer OCR for Limon R1, License

Khmer Encoding Conversion (Java Application) (Linux Windows), License

Khmer Word Segmentation/Line Breaking (Java Application) (Linux Windows), License

Khmer Collation (Java Application) (Linux Windows), License

Khmer Spell Checking (Java Application) (Linux Windows), License

Khmer Find & Replace (Java Application) (Linux Windows), License

Khmer SMS J2ME Application, License

Open Office Writer Plugin, License

PLC Typing Tutor, License

Khmer Tagged Corpus, License

CPI Team Members and their Designations

MoEYS Partners

Chea, Sok Hour, Country Project Manager (CPM)
Seng, Vannara
, Assistant to CPM
Ms. Ros, Pich Hemy
, ITC Senior Developer
Chin, Chanthirith
, Lead Developer
Kron, Visal
, Developer
Tith, Sakal
, Developer
Ms. Vann, Sophea
, Developer


2 Responses to PAN Localization Cambodia (PLC) of IDRC, Cambodia

  1. Dear PLC

    My name is Pheakdey. I’m working for Khmer Associates Consulting Engineers Ltd.

    Our company have adapted Khmer Unicode for years. We found difficulty with spelling, yet one of my friend told me that NiDA and PLC had cooperated and working on those application.

    We are using Window XP along with Microsoft Office 2007. We could not completed install Khmer Sorting Utility as it messaged us that something is wrong with Net Framwork, Yet we have Net Framwork 4.

    For Khmer Collation and Sorting, it installed but it is an inactive add-ins in Excel2007 with No unknown location of mscoree.dll file. Does this Application support Excel2007? How can i activate this add-ins application.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regard,
    Pheakdey TANG
    Khmer Associated Consulting Engineers Co., Ltd

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention about about spell check.
    With Standalone it does work, but in Word it does not. Are there anything wrong?

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