School of Telecommunications and Information Technology (STIT), Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia

The School of Telecommunications and Information Technology (STIT) under the Mongolian University of Science and Technology is only one institution in the country which offers training and retraining of bachelor, master and PhD degrees in specialties as well as telecommunications, wireless communications, information technology, electronics, post technology, management, network and television engineering.


Number of full time undergraduate and graduate students registered at the school exceeds 2000. More than 10000 graduates work in the field of telecommunication and information technology of Mongolia.

Today many new systems based on information and digital technologies are introduced and used in our country’s communication and information systems. The training activity is a contribution of our school to the infrastructure of Mongolia.

Implemented projects ordered by government and other organizations are:

Some methods of decreasing speech signal coding rates

Modeling information flows of communication network

The possibility to expand PSTN of Ulaanbaatar city

Quality analyzing of Mongolian telecommunication systems

Optimization project of rural telecommunication network

Intellectual telecommunications and information systems

Master plan of Postal systems

Policy and regulation for developing Mongolian radio and television network in 2005-2020

Team’s Achievement

3K Word ASR for Mongolian, License

Mongolian Speech Corpus, License

CPI Team Members and their Designations






Dr. Damdinsuren Bayanduuren, Professor and President of Mongolian University of Science and Technology.
Batkhishig Luvsan,
Director & Professor
Bold Luvsandorj,
Academician, Head of the Department of linguistics
Altangerel Ayush
, Research officer, Senior lecturer
Munkhnasan Choindon
, Research officer, Senior lecturer
Munkhjargal Narangere
, Linguist
Ekhbilguun Uyanga
, Research Assistant
Munkhbat Nergui
, Research Assistant

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